Starting a new film project can be overwhelming. You have to think about everything – a story idea, script development, actors, film locations – just to name a few. No worries. Golden Lion Awards has you covered. Check out our latest Blog posts on the film production cycle.

How to Be Copyright Compliant

Author: Tess White  Date: Monday, Jan. 15th

So you made a film. It’s original, it was a blast to produce, and it’s good. You can’t wait to submit it to all the festivals and win all the awards. Then you realize you don’t know the first thing about copyright law.

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Scriptwriting 101

Author: Andrew Howsmon    Date: Monday, Feb 19th

Look, unless you’ve got some mad improvisers in your cast, you’re going to need some sort of script for your movie. Having a good script is the first step towards actually getting a movie made. Having a great script is even better. 

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