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*Please note – No copyrighted content (music, images, video, etc.) will be accepted without expressed, written consent from the artist/creator. We reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of ownership/permission of any questionable content. We reserve the right to decline any film that does not meet these requirements.

    1. Commercial (15 seconds-1 Minute): This category is for your best advertisement or promotional video created this year. Subject of the commercial may range from a school-related activity to a commercial product.
    2. Public Service Announcement (30 seconds -2 minutes). This category is for your best advertisement of a cause or charity
    3. Music Video (1-6 Minutes). This category is for original songs or song spoofs. Original songs created for high school bands must have the permission of the band before using its song.
    4. Comedy (1-5 Minutes). This category is for anything you find humorous. Submissions such as popular “YouTube” video spoofs are accepted.
    5. Documentary (2-8 Minutes). This film-type is an in-depth, non-fiction, look at an event, person, place, or thing.
    6. Narrative Film (1-8 Minutes). A short film must tell a story—think beginning, middle, end, climax, and dénouement…in other words, stuff you learned in English class. Remember, a good film starts with a good script.
    7. Informational/Educational Films (1-8 Minutes). This category is for videos that teach or demonstrate (i.e. “how to” videos). Corporate videos also fall into this category.
    8. Newscast/News Story (1-8 Minutes). This category is for solid, broadcast journalism. The winner will be the story that most effectively communicates the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of your chosen topic, which can include school sports. Only TWO COMPLETE Newscasts will be accepted per student. The newscast MUST NOT EXCEED 8 minutes in length. Students may submit multiple News Stories (1-3 minutes in length); however, the News stories should NOT be  part of a submitted NEWSCAST. Duplicate stories will not be accepted.
    9. Animation (1-8 Minutes). This category is a specialty category for those students who excel in computer graphics, computer animation, or flash, or who have the patience for stop-frame animation. Be sure your animation tells a story.
    10. Alternative (1-8 Minutes). This category is for anything that doesn’t conform to any of the other categories. The goal is to have fun, be creative, and entertain.
    11. NEW Junior High Category (up to 8 Minutes): This category is for any type of film created by 7th and 8th grade students.