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The Golden Lion Awards are judged by film/media professionals in industry and universities, recognizing outstanding high school filmmakers in and around the Midwest. We are currently looking for insightful people to review the Golden Lion Award submissions. All media will be available for judging online. You will have the opportunity to network with other media professionals through your judging experience. To become a judge, complete the Online Judges’ Form.

Meet Our Judges

High School Judging Panel

The Golden Lion Awards’ judging panel is made up of professional filmmakers, directors, producers, scriptwriters, art directors, and professors, all of whom have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in Film and Media.

Middle School Judging Panel

The Golden Lion Awards Middle School judging panel is made up of former Golden Lion Award winners and participants who are currently majoring in a Film or Media Major at the college level.

  • Cole Marvin | Belmont University, Motion Pictures Major
  • Dean Parker | Ohio University, Integrated Media
  • Jacob Logeman | Ball State University, Telecommunications Major
  • Jeremy Morall | University of Cincinnati, Electronic Media
  • Julie Ivers | DePaul University, Digital Cinema & Graphic Design
  • Katie Ferchen | University of Cincinnati, Digital Media Collaborative
  • Leah Klosterman | Ohio University, Integrated Media
  • Makayla Hufziger | Webster University, Film, Television & Media Production
  • Maria Alvarez | University of Southern California, Film & Television Production
  • Mary Clare Kunkel | Capital University, Media
  • Olivia Schappacher | Columbia College, Cinematic Film
  • Zoe Cheng | University of Southern California, Writing for Screen & Television