President, Canton Film Festival

James Waters II is a film producer whose work involves creative vision, concept development, technical oversight and project management throughout both the practical and artistic process of making movies. He continued his path by Bowling Green State University, moving to Chicago to get his start in a larger market, and then spent 5 years in the mecca of movie making, Los Angeles.

Now residing in Canton, James has always sought to bring his experience home and wants to cultivate the area with upcoming filmmakers by creating Canton Film. He is adept with film narrative development, visual and sound production technology, casting, art direction and filming logistics, crew supervision, budget management, editing, and post-production activities such as promotions and screenings.

James is the Director of the Canton Film Festival and currently works on creating commercials, music videos, and films. James, a McKinley and Bowling Green State University graduate, has worked on many productions in Hollywood, such as U2’s Elevation Music Video, a Doritos Super Bowl commercial, and produced a short film Area 52 starring Fred Savage. And recently was involved in the first ever audience participation film, Rotor DR1 (shot in Stark County).
His future goals are to create a studio in Canton area and bring more film production to Canton.