Our Values

Our values define who we are. They support our vision, demonstrate our passion, and illustrate our uniqueness.

    • The Power of Stories. We value challenging students to create impactful, well developed stories without the use of explicit language, violence, and sexual content. Stories have no limits; every student has a story to tell.
    • Education. We value knowledge, training, and practice. We support students with curriculum, workshops, and camps in film/media/broadcast.
    • The Arts. We value expression and imagination. We believe in students pushing the limits of their creativity, and exploring all the beauty of the arts to tell their stories.
    • Recognition. We value recognition of work done well. We produce a film festival for students to show their work, see new possibilities, and be challenged to improve their skills.
    • Collaboration. We value collaboration with organizations that inspire and educate students through the arts, including writing, acting, music production, film analysis, and video production.