Our Mission

The Underground Academy of Cinematic Arts’ mission is to educate students in the cinematic arts, empowering them to contribute to and effect change in a world where moving images have the potential to change lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a space where Midwest teens can discover a passion for the cinematic arts, sharpen their artistic skills, explore their faith, and hone their ability to tell transforming and transcendent stories that impact and change culture. We value:

    • The Power of Stories. We value challenging students to create impactful, well developed stories without relying on the use explicit language, violence, and sexual content. Stories have no limits; every student has a story to tell.
    • Education. We value knowledge, training, and practice. We support students with curriculum, workshops, and camps in film/media/broadcast.
    • The Arts. We value expression and imagination. We believe in students pushing the limits of their creativity, and exploring all the beauty of the arts to tell their stories.
    • Recognition. We value recognition of work done well. We produce the Golden Lion Awards High School Film Festival where students can showcase their work, see new possibilities, and be challenged to improve their skills.
    • Community. We value community and enable teens to find a sense of belonging by participating in social experiences with other students in the cinematic arts.
    • Collaboration. We value collaboration with organizations that inspire and educate students through the arts, including writing, acting, music production, film analysis, and video production.