Rocky Karlage is a screenwriter, producer and director from Cincinnati, Ohio who never thought about working in movies when young, but hoped to become a comic book writer for Marvel Comics. He submitted a Spider-Man story to Marvel in his teen years and received a kind rejection from Stan Lee himself. Unfortunately the story and letter were lost during his time in the Army, but remembers it was signed “Excelsior!” and included Mr. Lee’s encouragement to continue writing.

Mr. Karlage began his movie career while working as a professional photographer, and developing his photography concepts into a movie series named the “Ghost Walk Saga”. After developing the Ghost Walk concepts with model Victoria Vardon and befriending cinematographer Steve Olander, he wrote his first screenplay, “Ghost Walk: The Farm”; which was based on true events about a frightening, haunted honeymoon he spent with his first wife. He filmed the movie with several colleagues, and entered the finished movie into the Cleveland Indie Gathering International Film Festival where it won “Best Short Horror Film” in its first entry; and continues to receive official notice in national and international film festivals to this day (as of November 2019); including “Best Suspense Feature” at the Sicily International Film Festival.

Since then he has worked on films within his own company (Ghost Walk Studios) and with other producers and screenwriters who have solicited his involvement; most notably “Embrace The Twilight” with his brother-in-film Carlos Dunn; based upon the novel by best-selling author Maggie Shayne. The movie premiered November 16, 2019 in honor of Mr. Dunn, and Ghost Walk Studios is in talks to show the movie through a major theater chain.

Also in development, “The Stranger Comes To Texas” with producer Terrie Ann Zervos, Rich Graff of “Making of the Mob” fame, and actress Brooke Lewis of “The Sinatra Club” for 2020 filming.

His screenplays/productions “Estella’s Revenge” (in final film edit) and “Lilly’s Cry” docudrama (about a young, ghost girl) are both in post-production for 2020 release. The final screenplay of The Modern Trilogy, “The End Was Then”, is in development with his co-writers Margaret Lute and Julie Simon to begin Spring 2020 production.