Ann Brinkmann, Executive Director/Founder

Ann Brinkmann is an experienced educator in higher and secondary education, developing and teaching curriculum in Film Studies, Electronic Media, Digital Media, Technical Communications, Digital Literacy, Reading/Study Skills, and Journalism. Ann founded the Golden Lion Awards High School Film Festival in 2007. Today, Ann is the Executive Director of The UG Academy of Cinematic Arts and is committed to providing educational programming, competition, and award recognition for students ages 9-19 in the cinematic arts.

In Ann’s Words
Growing up, I believed that nothing was impossible. Like The Field of Dreams, I believed that if “you build it, they will come.” I have approached each step on my journey as another lesson learned, another obstacle conquered, and another challenge waiting to confront. My students would tell you that I am passionate about the cinematic arts and that I push them to find their stories, develop characters, and produce films that inspire. I would tell you that I am passionate about life—the ups, the downs, the twists, the turns, and the faith that has led me on incredible journeys and taught me the true gift of each individual’s story.

In my early years, I worked in industry and discovered the importance of defining an audience, identifying needs, and creating media that helped clients gain knowledge and achieve goals. After a career change, I discovered a love for teaching. Feeling compelled to make an impact in students’ lives, I found energy and passion in listening to their stories, watching them discover a vision, and helping to guide them through the production process.

As part of the Golden Lion Awards, I have the distinct pleasure of working with students and teachers from throughout the Midwest. As part of this larger film community, I gain inspiration from the frames and compositions that students capture to visually tell their stories. I embrace their visions, celebrate their successes, and believe that their best work is yet to come!

Joe Horine, Associate Director

Joe Horine teaches film, history and communications at the University of Cincinnati, including “The Films of Stanley Kubrick,” “World War II on Film,” “Hollywood and U.S. History” and “Introduction to Public Relations” courses. He has also taught literature, drama, and film at Miami University.

As a screen writer, Joe has worked with multiple directors including Brian De Palma. A former marketing executive for IBM and AT&T, Joe has been the “Chief Storyteller,” a corporate filmmaker and the speech writer for several CEOs at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Growing up in Cincinnati where his father was in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and his mother worked at Playhouse in the Park, Joe started his career as a journalist and has been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dayton Daily News, and Indianapolis Star, as well as working as a reporter for WTHR, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis. Joe edits the Cincinnati Film Society newsletter and hosts film series at the Esquire Theatre in addition to his role as Associate Director of the Golden Lion Awards.